A Reason for Living: Life is Beautiful

Have you ever been thanked and admired by strangers whom you have never met in your entire life? It’s a good feeling to have people who you don’t know and who you haven’t seen in all your life who thanked and admired what you have done.

That’s what happened to my blog site. As well as a lot of great comments, some were happy with what they have read on my blog and others were grateful for what they have learned and how my blog site helped them.

People I’ve never seen, talked to or even met. People from all over the world commenting on your blog because they appreciate your work and content of your blog site.

You can see their comments in your blog feed even though they may not recognize you. This is because of what they have read, watched or because of the content of my blog that has had a positive impact on them or contributed to their lives.

These comments give me the inspiration to further improve, enhance and post quality content that can help other people not only in my own country but also in other countries where they have passed by my blog site.

I’m not sure people will like my blog site in the first place because my purpose is to share my life experience and my life to say to the whole world, there is a reason for living and that is “Life is Beautiful”.

Their comments about my blog site are extremely heartwarming. It’s uplifting to see others appreciate what you do, especially what you write and the content of your blog site.

So as the year 2020 opens, I want to thank you for appreciating what I do on my blog site as well as its content and rest assured I will continue to improve my site to inspire and help others the simple way I can.

Thanks again for all your comments, suggestions and admirations on my blog site. From here in Kuwait, wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year – Mr. Simpleman.