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In response to the comment I received four days ago, I am now putting a donation button here in my blogsite to allow people around the world to give some donations for this site and for the new foundation I am starting with.

By the way my real name is Exequiel for those who don’t know me yet. I’m the man behind this blogsite – “Life is Beautiful: A Reason for Living”. For those who are knew to my site, you can call me “Simpleman” a name which I use as a screen name.

I may be simple as it is, a never heard guy, the unpopular one and an unknown being, but surely my mind and my heart speak louder than my words. Today on this very same day March 28, 2020, I am starting my own foundation which will be called “Life is Beautiful Foundation“.

Life is Beautiful Foundation‘s aim is to help people around the world who are in need especially those who are suffering from the worldwide corona virus, the poorest of the poor, people who are devastated by typhoons, earthquakes and other natural calamities, homeless people around the world who never ate even a single meal a day, those who are ill and suffered a lot like cancer and other forms of illnesses in which they cannot even cope up to buy the medicines they need, to those street children who need care and lastly the victims of wars and conflicts and other forms of poverty.

This I know is an impossible thing to do. I don’t even think this will succeed because no one even knows me and my advocacy in life. The only thing I know is that I want people to know that somebody here is thinking to help other people regardless of race, place, location, color, nationality, and status in life so that other people would help others and that chain will continue to reach as far as it can reach.

I have not done this in my entire life and not even see myself doing this but seeing people suffering around the world makes me think that I have to do something at least to start it through my blog and maybe someday, somehow, somewhere or someone will trust me and come to join me in this life journey I am making. For sure I cannot do this alone that is why I will be seeking help and will accept donations from around the world to help me in this journey.

I have posted before that our world population is approximately around 7 billion people around the world. If we only consider approximately 1 million people of that population are capable and who can give at least 1 US dollar per person, we can help and make people around the world and change their lives forever. This is a simple chain to reach our goal to help as many people as we can around the world.

Heal The World with Lyrics by Michael Jackson

What is my point? People don’t need to suffer that much if we only help one another and unite as one and for sure in the near future, we can make these things happen and make this world a better place someday. All we need to do is to donate 1 US dollar. Could you imagine that? What your 1 US dollar can do? And how much this 1 US dollar costs you? You just think of how many people you can help with just 1 US dollar.

I will be putting a donation button below and at the side of my blog site for those who are passing by here in my blog. If you would like to donate at least 1 US dollar to help my cause to succeed in helping others who are in need through my blog and Life is Beautiful Foundation, just press the button below.

I don’t know if I can achieve this goal but at least I tried and started it. I am not sure also whether people around the world would trust a person like me but my intention is pure. To have the trust of everyone donating, I will be posting your name (if you allowed or make it anonymous as you wish) in the list and from which country you are from so that we can have a track of all the donations gathered as days goes by. This will be updated regularly in order to be transparent to everyone sharing their blessings.

Once I reach a certain amount, which I don’t know how, when and I don’t know if I will reach that point, this money will be given to a trusted person or a well-known personality, company or a bigger foundation of the chosen country and will be broadcast and posted here in my blog in order to easily help other people with our cause since this foundation of mine has just started.

I will be accepting all the donations in my PayPal account and will post here in my blog each and every donation I have collected including the names of the person who donated and which country he/she belongs or the donations came from for transparency. Again this is not compulsory and I am not forcing anyone to donate in this foundation. My aim is just for us to unite as one to help other people who need our help.

Let’s give them a reason to live a normal life in this world. Let us help them through our shared donations to change their lives forever. I am appealing to everyone passing by here in my blog and to all the people around the world to help me in this journey and together let us help one another to achieve a common goal – Life is Beautiful Foundation.

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