High School Life

High school life is one of the happiest stages of our lives. Here we begin to learn many things about life. In high school, we experienced different kinds of emotions. The fun in high school starts from 1st year until your 4th year because most of you are still in the same section. All the touches of laughter, tears, jokes, fights, and happiness, you’ll experience while you’re in high school.

It is also here that a variety of true friendships are formed that will last even until you grow old. It was so much fun especially during class time, like the one when our teacher kind of asks questions then you don’t know the answer but you still raise your hand because a lot of hands are raised and you hope you won’t be called.

Do you remember the time when you had no answer to that assignment and then stood at the back for the whole class period as a punishment and you’re ashamed that your crush was looking at you? How about the time when you clean the whole classroom with broom/sweeper, dustpan, and mop along with floor wax to make the entire floor glow even though you know at home your floor is not that clean.

It is exciting to reflect on the happy memories of our high school life. Do you even remember your first crush in high school that every time your crush stood up and answered, you would be teased by your classmate and say “hey, your crush”. Then you will smile because you knew he/she is your crush. This stage of your life you might also meet your first love and you feel as if the whole world was full of love.

In high school, all kinds of craziness like naming our teachers who seem to be a terror one when in class. Do you remember when somebody nailed your notebook to your seat table because your friends are making fun of you? How about when you went through that school fence because the guard didn’t let you in because you didn’t have your school ID or your long hair was banned in high school.

You will never forget high school life because of the events that gave you so much fun. Love letters are so famous in high school as well as the slambooks. Remember the slambook? Where all of your favorites are listed, but the one that everybody looks the most is “Who is your crush?”

So last April 22, 2017, we had a reunion for our Batch Silver Anniversary and I didn’t miss it. Isko Moreno was also present at the reunion as seen in the video I made. He was my classmate and a batchmate in high school and is now Mayor of the City of Manila. It was a great evening because after 25 years you will see your classmates, your batchmates, your teachers and your high school alma mater.

So I brought along my camera because I knew that lasting memories would happen that night. Memories that may not or may never be repeated for a long time. I also made a Tribute Video for the public to watch and upload on Youtube.

Tondo High School Silver Anniversary Reunion

I also did it for those who couldn’t go especially those who were abroad so they could watch the events of our reunion night and even see their classmates at least in the video. Hopefully, this will inspire us to revitalize our youth when we were still in high school because high school life is just one memorable stage in our life. This is my High School Life, My One High School Life.

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