Kingkong vs Godzilla with Giganotosaurus and Ferdinand in Jurassic Desert

Today, I saw what seems to be a fight between Kingkong vs. Godzilla together with Giganotosaurus and Ferdinand while I was on my way to work inside our company service vehicle in the desert.

Oh my God! This seems to be a big fight of the 4 characters from the famous Hollywood movies. I immediately grab my phone and took a photo. It was like a scene in a Royal Rumble wrestling match. An exciting match!

It was just unfortunate that we were headed to work at that time and our vehicle was moving fast that I didn’t finish the match. Who do you think have won? I believe this is the greatest scoop of all time, as no one seems to notice the scene other than me. First time in the history of mankind where all of them meet to fight in what I called “Jurassic Desert”.

You can see in the picture that while Kingkong and Godzilla are challenging each other, far from them is Giganotosaurus who is approaching and roaring. While Ferdinand is like waiting for a chance to attack on the side. Kingkong seems to show his muscles to Godzilla as if he is yelling, “you can’t beat me”. Godzilla on the other side shows his power and strength and just waiting for Kingkong to attack him.

This is a great fight and better than the fight scenes you’ve seen in movies or anime. Just seeing their posture, one can tell that this is going to be a big fight and unending battle. The desert is wide enough for them and this is exactly the best place for them to fight. It’s like watching an all-star cast Royal Rumble in a wrestling match where all the players are strong and mighty. I don’t know about Ferdinand though LOL…Hahaha… I will cherish this picture as this is once in a lifetime opportunity for me and nobody else in this world has it except me. This is what they call a perfect picture at the right time in the right place. This is wow oh wow!!!

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